My Favorite Themes

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I use a lot of apps that allow me to use custom themes. While most people who are into customizing their setup like to choose one theme, I like different themes for different apps. Here are the themes I use.


Image of Bear, my note-taking app.

I use this theme for Bear. It's real easy on the eyes and complements the bear font.


Image of Kitty, my terminal emulator app.

This theme is used for the kitty terminal. I've been trying different themes for kitty for about 4 years. Mountain is by far the best.

Rosé Pine

Image of vs-code, my code editor app.

There are tons of options for vs-code. Rosé Pine is really polished and looks great, nothing to complain.


Image of Emacs, my writing and reading app.

I saved the best for last, this is an Emacs theme inspired by the colors of the famous painting by Katsushika Hokusai. I really love this theme, the colors are perfect for reading and writing. It might not work this well for programming but luckily I don't use Emacs for that.

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